Friday, September 11

♥ abOut yaya sajee ♥

♥hey dude! i'm NurHidayah Binti Ahmad Puzi..i have taken by my dear Tengku Muhamad Akmal cal me dayah,ida fer short..can u?thanx a lot ya! ;) i'm 6teen years old.. SPM Candidate 2010..wish me luCk oke?and u will be bless..ahahah! =p currently stay in NEGERI SEMBILAN DARUL KHUSUS..=) i'm studying at AMPANGAN TECHNICAL SECONDARY SCHOOL..(SMTAS),4 Building Technology 2.. wee! =)) i'm totally nOt GEDIK..ahah! dat's true la..but i'm juz ordinary darL.. IMPORTANT bOut me..! (: i LOVE talking sO muCh and it's my hobby..and when i miz sumOne.. i'll crying non stop..ahah! budak cengeng..sume ckp,dayah ny budak kuat nanges..hee! =)) i'm as easy going as i look like..yes i,i dun mind accepting u guyz if u can be beside me as my frens..(: im snobish?nOpe! i'm frendly darL.. talk bout me? i dunt care. hate me? juz delete me BITCH ! steal mybesties? i will never let u go! :DD hides sophisticated things to decipher.